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UWM-CBU Concrete Materials Technology Series Program No. 52 
Sponsored by
UWM Center for By-Products Utilization
Co-Sponsored by
Wisconsin Electric Power Company; Wisconsin Chapter, American Concrete Institute;
Wisconsin Ready-Mixed Concrete Association; and SE Branch, American Society of Civil Engineers-Wisconsin.
May 16-17, 2002, Milwaukee, WI

Workshop Description

The purpose of this two-day engineering seminar is to present information on how to produce high-quality concrete using cement, fly ash, slag, rice husk ash, blended ash, blended cements, metakaolin, wood ash, etc.  This seminar is designed for users of various types of cementitious materials in the concrete industry.  Detailed information will be presented on testing and evaluation, quality control, mixture proportioning and durability.  This will be a short course (“teaching seminar”) on issues of interest for concrete production and construction.  The course will provide detailed discussions about availability of some of these materials and how they affect concrete performance.  It will emphasize those measures which can be used at various stages of planning and construction to assure high-quality, high-strength, high-durability, and high-performance concrete and other cement-based concrete products.

Who should attend?

 Practicing architects, engineers, specification writers, construction personnel, concrete material suppliers, ready mixed concrete and testing laboratory personnel, people involved in Q.C. and Q.A. of concrete, plant engineers, and owners as well as researchers will find that the program will cover many aspects of their work related to concrete and will, therefore, be of immediate value to them.  The speakers will also become a resource for participants.  Knowledgeable professionals engaged in specifying, approving, and using cement-based materials will present state-of-the-art information.   

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    Thursday, May 16, 2002
7:40 a.m.    Registration and Coffee
8:20     Introduction
Tarun R. Naik
8:30     Why Use Supplementary Cementitious Materials:
           Mechanical properties, long-term durability,
           and environmental considerations.
           V. Mohan Malhotra
10:00   Coffee Break
10:30   Past, Present, and Future of Portland Cement.
           Paul D. Tennis
11:45   Lunch
12:30   Blended Cements in North America – A Review.
           V. Mohan Malhotra  
1:30    Recent Advances in Use of Coal Ash in Cement-
          Based Materials.
          Tarun R. Naik
3:00    Coffee Break
3:15     Use of Natural Pozzolens in Concrete.
           Jean-Claude M. Roumain
4:15     Wood Ash:  A New Source Pozzolonic Material.
           Tarun R. Naik and Rudolph N. Kraus
5:00      Adjourn
5:30     Cocktail Hour (Cash Bar)
6:30     Dinner
Friday, May 17, 2002
7:45 a.m. Registration and Coffee
8:00     Use of Rice-Husk Ash as a Cementitious Material.
           P. K. Mehta
9:30     Bolite-Rich Cements and Other Specialty Cements.
           P. K. Mehta
10:15    Coffee Break
10:30    Twenty Years of Experience with Silica Fume and
           Future Outlook.
           Terrence C. Holland
11:45    Lunch
12:30    Use of Ground Granulated Blast Furnace slag as a
           Cementitious Material.
           Jan R. Prusinski
1:30     Life Cycle Prediction for Concrete Construction. Terrence C. Holland
2:30     Coffee Break
2:45     Use of Blended Class C and Class F Fly Ash to Enhance Mechanical Properties and     Durability of Concrete.
           Bruce W. Ramme
4:00     Use of Metakaolin as a Cementitious Material.
           Sharad Mathur
5:00     Adjourn

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Speaker Information

The speakers for this short course possess extensive knowledge and expertise.  They have published numerous reports and articles, are active in many technical and professional societies, and their committees.  They have given lectures and presentations about concrete technology at numerous national and international seminars, meetings, and conferences.

Tarun R. Naik, Ph.D., P.E., Director, UWM Center for By-Products Utilization, Milwaukee, WI

Dr. Naik has over 35 years of experience with use of cement, aggregates, admixtures, and by-products in concrete.  His contribution in teaching and research has been well recognized nationally and internationally.  His research has resulted in over 250 technical reports and papers in ACI, ASCE, ASTM, etc.  He has been a member of many technical committees of ACI, ASCE, ASTM, and RILEM.  He has served as a president of WI - ACI, WSPE, and other organizations.

Bruce W. Ramme, P.E., Manager, Combustion Products Utilization, Wisconsin Electric Power Company, Milwaukee, WI.

Mr. Ramme has worked for about 20 years with WEPCO and is currently working towards the goal of 100% utilization of WEPCO’s coal combustion products.  He is a member of ACI, ASCE, and other professional organizations.  He is also chairman of ACI Committee 229, CLSM; and chairman of ACI 213B, By-Products Lightweight Aggregate, and a member of other technical committees of ACI.  He is a past president of the Wisconsin Chapter of ACI.

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