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UWM-CBU Concrete Materials Technology Series Program No. 46 

Recent Advances in Concrete Technology

Sponsored by
 UWM Center for By-Products Utilization
Co-Sponsored by
Wisconsin Electric Power Company
Wisconsin Chapter, American Concrete Institute
Wisconsin Ready-Mixed Concrete Association
SE Branch, American Society of Civil Engineers - Wisconsin
  February 7-9, 2001, Milwaukee, WI 

List of Handouts

V.W. Malhotra
Supplementary Cementitious Materials and Durability of Concrete
1.  Fly Ash, Blast Furnace Slag, Silica Fume and Highly- Reactive Metakaolin.  For Presentation at UWM-CBU Seminar- Recent Advances in Concrete Technology, April  26-28, 2000, Milwaukee, WI. March 2000.  By V.M. Malhotra.
2.  High - Volume Fly Ash System: The Concrete Solution for Sustainable Development.CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory.  September 1998.  For Presentation at      UWM-CBU Seminar- Recent Advances in Concrete Technology.  By A. Bilodeau and      V.M. Malhotra.
3.  Role of Supplementary Cementing Materials in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions. CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory, March 1998.  For Presentation at UWM- CBU Seminar- Recent Advances in Concrete Technology.  By V.M. Malhotra.
4.  Durability of Concrete.  By V.M. Malhotra.
5.  Durability-Critical Issues for the Future.  By P.K. Mehta.  
Neal S. Berke
Chemical Admixtures  and Fiber Reinforcement for Improving Concrete Performance
1.  Chemical Admixtures for Improving Concrete
Tarun R. Naik
Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation of Concrete
1.  Early Age Strength Detection for In-Situ Concrete.  Center for By-Products Utilization,      UW-Milwaukee.  Report CBU-1989-05.  Published in Struct. Congress, San  Francisco, CA, 1989.  By Tarun R. Naik.
2.  The Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity.  Report CBU-1990-01 on NDT Concrete, January 1990.   By Tarun R. Naik and V. Mohan Malhotra.
3.  The Break-Off Test Method.  Report CBU-1990-02.  A chapter in the handbook on NDT      Concrete, January 1990.  By Tarun R. Naik.
4.  Maturity of Concrete:  Its Applications and Limitations.  Report CBU-1992-27.  Published in Advances in Concrete Technology, CANMET, Canada, 1992.  By Tarun R. Naik.
5.  Application of Infrared Thermography Technique for Evaluation of Existing Concrete Structures.  Report CBU-1997-08.  Presented at the Seventh International Conference and Exh. "Structure Faults and Repair-97," Edinburgh, Scotland, 1997.  By Tarun R. Naik, Shiw S. Singh, and John A. Zachar.
Larry D. Olson
Recent Advances in Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation of Concrete
1.  NTD Diagnosis of Drilles Shaft Foundations.  Presented st Transportation Research      Board Meeting.  January 11-15, 1998 Paper 98-0595.  By Larry D. Olson, P.E.,  Marwan F. Aouad, Ph.D., and Dennis A. Sack.
2.  The use of Impact - Echo and Spectral - Analysis - of - Surface - Waves Methods for the      Concrete Investigation of Rogers Dan Spillway Structure.  By Larry D. Olson, Y. Fai Chan, Dennis A. Sack, Michael F. Dumont, Robert T. Gilmore, John T. Christy.
3.  Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Henry G. Russell
High-Strength Concrete and High-Performance Concrete
1.  High Performance Concrete in North America.  For Presentation at the UWM-CBU Seminar.  Recent Advances in Concrete, April 26-28, 2000, Milwaukee, WI.  By  Henry G. Russell.
2. *HPC Bridge Views- Various Articles on High Performance Concrete.  Issue No. 10, July/August, 2000.  Published jointly by FHA and National Concrete Bridge Council.
3. *HPC Bridge Views- Various articles on High Performance Concrete.  Issue No. 13,      January/February 2001.  Published by FHA and National Concrete Bridge Council.
*Separate Handout
Tarun R. Naik
1.  Durability of Concrete.
Wayne S. Adaska
Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement
1.  RCCP Presentation.
2.  Structural Design of Roller Compacted Concrete for Industrial pavements.  By Portland Cement Association, 1987, 15233.01.
3.  List of "US RCC Paving Projects," August 1999.
4.   Suggested specifications for Roller Compacted Concrete Paving for Municipal and Industrial Applications.  By Canadian Portland Cement Association, CP014.01P,   1995.05.26.
Tarun R. Naik
Use of Fly Ash in Concrete and Concrete Products
1.  High Early Strength Fly Ash Concrete for PreCast/Prestressed Products.  Report CBU-1990-12.  Published in PCI Journal Vol. 35, No. 6, Nov/Dec 1990.  By Tarun R. Naik.
2.  Construction Materials made with Coal Combustion By-Products.  Report CBU-1992-24.       Published in the ASTM Cement, Concrete, and Aggregate Journal, June 1994.  By Lihua Wei, Tarun R. Naik, and Dean Golden.
3.  Pavement Construction with High Volumes of Class C and Class F Fly Ash Concrete.  Report CBU-1993-09.  Published in the ACI Materials Journal, April 1995.  By Tarun R. Naik, Bruce W. Ramme, and John Tews.
4.  Properties of High Performance Concrete Systems Incorporating Large Amounts of High-  Lime Fly Ash.  Report CBU-1993-21.  Published in the International Journal of  Construction and Building Materials, England, 1995, Vol. 9, No. 4.  By Tarun R. Naik, Shiw S. Singh, and Mohammed Hossain.
5.  Mechanical and Durability Properties of Concrete Made with Blended Ash.  Report CBU-1996-05.  Presented at the CANMET/ACI Intern. Conf. on Durability of Concrete, Sydney, Australia, August 1997.  By Tarun R. Naik, Shiw S. Singh, and Bruce W. Ramme.
6.  Use of Class F Fly Ash and Clean Coal Ash Blends for Cast Concrete Products.  Report      CBU-1996-07.  Presented and Published at ACAA 12th International Coal Ash use  Symposium, Orlando, Florida, January 1997.  By Tarun R. Naik, Daniel Banerje, Rudolph Kraus, Shiw S. Singh, and Bruce W. Ramme.
7.  Long-Term Performance of High-Volume Fly Ash Concrete Pavements.  Report CBU-2000-32.  Presented at the Fourteenth International Symposium on "Management & Use  of CoalCombustion Products (CCPS)," San Antonio, TX, January 22-28, 2001.  By  Tarun R. Naik, Bruce W. Ramme, Rudolph N. Kraus, and Shiw S. Singh.
Bruce W. Ramme
Flowable Slurry for Backfill, Low-Strength Concrete for Foundations, Use of Bottom Ash, Other Applications
1. *Use of Wisconsin Electric Bottom Ash, Sand, and Gravel as Sub - Base and Base Material for Rigid and Flexible Pavements and Floors.  Presented May 10-12, 1999 at the ASCE Materials Engineering Division: MAT Cong 5, Cincinnati, Ohio.  By Bruce W. Ramme, Trent A. Kohl, and Dan Oakes.
2. *Roller Compacted No - Fines Concrete Containing Fly Ash For Road Base Course.  Presented August 24-27, 1997 at third CANMET/ACI International Symposium on Advances in Concrete Technology, Auckland, New Zealand.  By Tarun R. Naik and Bruce W. Ramme.
3. *Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM) State-of-the-Art.  Presented at the 1998 ACI Spring convention, Houston, TX.  By Tarun R. Naik and Bruce W. Ramme. 
4. *Filling Abandoned Underground Facilities With CLSM Fly Ash Slurry.  Concrete International, Designed Construction, July 1990, Vol. 12, No. 7.  By Tarun R. Naik, Bruce W. Ramme, and Henry J. Kolbeck.
5. *Construction Experience with CLSM Fly Ash Slurry for Underground Facilities. Presented at the Fifth CANMET/ACI International Conference, June 4-9, 1998, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  By Bruce W. Ramme, Tarun R. Naik, and Henry J. Kolbeck.
6. Practical Considerations for Construction with CLSM.  By Bruce W. Ramme.
*Separate Handout
Bernard Erlin
Failure Analysis from the Viewpoint of Petrography
1.  So you want to be a Concrete Petrographer.  Concrete International, December 1998.  By        Bernard Erlin.
2.  Petrographic Examination.  American Society for Testing and Materials, 1994.  By Bernard Erlin.
3.  Analytical Techniques.  From Highway Research Board Special Report 106.  By Bernard Erlin.
4.  Methods Used in Petrographic Studies of Concrete.  American Society for Testing Materials.  By Bernard Erlin.
5.  The Magic of Investigative Petrography:  The Practical Basis for Resolving Concrete Problems.  By Bernard Erlin.
6.  Chloride-Induced Corrosion.  Concrete International / September 1985, Vol. 7, No. 9. By Bernard Erlin and William G. Hime.
7.  Embedded Metals and Material Other Than Reinforcing Steel.  Standard Technical Publication 169C, ASTM, 1994.  By Bernard Erlin.

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