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Category Items

Capital Equipment

Compression machine, rapid freezing and thawing machine, freezer room, frequency analysis machine, abrasion machine, chloride ion permeability test equipment, half-cell potential equipment, Figg water and air permeability test equipment, L.A. abrasive machine, laboratory bench mixer, 1/3 yd concrete mixer, computers, curing facilities, Simpson mixer-Muller, etc.

Other Equipment

Air entrainment meters, blaine permeability equipment, capping equipment, cement autoclave, cement calorimeter, compressometer, extensometer, concrete impact hammer, coring drill, creep frames, Gilmore apparatus, Gilson mixer, Hobart mixer, scales, maturity meters, mortar penetrometer, resistance thermometer, sieves, Vicat apparatus, vibrating table, pulse velocity meter, Windsor probe, break-off test, pull-out test, miscellaneous other equipment. 

Test Procedures  (AASHTO)


T98, T105, T106, T107, T127, T128, T129, T131, T132, T133, T137, T153, T154, T162, T185, T186, T188, T192


T2, T11, T19, T21, T27, T30, T37, T71, T84, T85, T96, T103, T104, T112, T113, T142, T248, T255


T22, T23, T24, T97, T119, T121, T126, T140, T141, T148, T152, T157, T158, T159, T160, T161, T177, T178, T196, T197, T198, T231, T259, T260, T271, T277

Silica Fume:


Fly Ash:


Test Procedures  (ASTM)


C109, C114, C150, C151, C157, C183, C185, C186, C187, C188, C190, C191, C204, C265, C266, C305, C430, C451, C457, C563, C596, C1012, C1038


C29, C33, C40, C70, C87, C88, C117, C123, C127, C128, C131, C136, C142, C227, C535, C566


C31, C39, C42, C78, C116, C138, C143, C172, C174, C192, C215, C227, C231, C232, C233, C293, C403, C469, C495, C496, C512, C597, C617, C642, C666, C671, C672, C684, C779, C803, C805, C856, C873, C900, C944,  C1064, C1074, C1150

Coal Ash: 

C618, D4820


Air permeability, water permeability, foam test, California test 643-1978, petrographic analysis, scanning electron microscopic analysis (SEM), chemical/elemental analysis, mineralogical analysis, etc.


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